Equipment Rental With Bubble Rooms

Here at Bubble Rooms, we are really trying to support local music. This extends beyond rehearsals, recording and having fun for us. In an attempt to give any budding artist the best possible shot at playing and spreading their music we have dedicated resources in the form of gig equipment available for rent.

Rental of any equipment can be done by contacting Paul directly here


For a full list of pricing, please select a category

Please Contact Paul For Rental Info

Guitar & Bass Amps
  • Roland (Guitar) €65/ night (Jazz Chorus 7)
  • Fender (Guitar) €65/ night (Pro 185)
  • Fender (Guitar) €65/ night (Stage Lead 212)
  • Marshall (Guitar) €65/ night
  • Vox (Guitar) €65/ night (VT210 Combo)
  • Ampeg (Bass) €75/ night (DVT 350W)
  • Hartke (Bass) €60/ night (LH 1000)
  • Behringer (Bass) €50/ night (BXL 900)
  • Peavey (Bass) €60/ night (Mark IV Devies)
Drum Kits
  • Yamaha Custom Oak €95/ night
  • Tama Swing Stan €85/ night
  • Yamaha (Gig Maker) €80/ night
  • Roland Electric w/ monitor €110/ night
Other Equipment
  • SM58 Mic, Stand and Lead €25/ night
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Bass Guitar €95/ night
  • Jelueste Guitar €75/ night (Korea)/li>